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Behind The Scenes - Indiegogo Filming

Behind The Scenes - Indiegogo Filming

Lights! Camera! Action!! “Wait, what?”

The filming of our Indiegogo campaign video pushed me out of my element from a desk job and onto a live set with a full production and audio crew recording my every take.

But was I ready? I digress.

I went to school for general business and supply chain management, never took drama growing up and had little experience in front of a camera acting, so it was nervous times to say the least when I was called upon to ‘act’ for our Indiegogo campaign video.

I shouldn’t say I had little experience, I was once on a major TV series growing up when I was six or seven? It’s hard to stress sarcasm in a blog and I’m sure only select Canadians will get the reference, but being on Video Arcade Top Ten isn’t exactly the normal path to an acting career. Dressed in a Goofy shirt with a mullet, I came last out of three contestants, but I didn’t panic under the pressure of the red ‘on-air’ light and for a young Kyle, I consider that a win.

Fast forward to present, and even though I was involved in the writing and drafting of the script, read it 1,000 times before the day of shooting, there’s still something about someone saying “action” that signals immediate speech impediment.

We shot the video at Ashbridge’s Bay, a beautiful, busy beach in downtown Toronto, so right from the get-go there were curious eyes watching the film crew following me around, with the odd person stopping to ask “what’s going on?”.

Perfect, now I’m acting for a live audience too, but we only had one day to shoot and time was literally money. The show must go on. 

“Uh”…“what was the line?”…“Sorry”…“what was the line again?”…“Sorry, I’ll get this”. 

…Off to a good start... 

I started off by trying to read what seemed like paragraphs of lines in one take, but ever slowly dialed it back into one and two off sentences. I did have a few things working in my favour though, one being the vice president of the company so I could go off script a little and speak from the heart and two, a great production company helping me along the way, with positive words of encouragement. 

I did find a major struggle was when I was finally getting that perfect take, my heart would be racing with excitement knowing that the scene was almost over and I’m absolutely crushing my performance, only to have it ruined by a car honk or someone yelling in the background. D’oh! 

“Ugh, from the top please”. 

…I guess we’ll do it again... 

We managed though! Line by line, scene by scene, we muscled through and put together a product everyone was proud of. Even now, we’ve released a 1 minute teaser clip of the video, but we’re super excited for everyone to see the entire final product. 

Are you excited!?

It was a huge learning experience and definitely brought a new appreciation for the art of filmmaking for myself. From the audio set up, to importance of lighting and camera angles, I truly was out of my element, but enjoyed every minute of the creative process. 

A special shout out to our production company at West&SOCIAL, who made the experience fun and exciting, from start to finish, I really can’t thank them enough. 

More to come,