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Back to School Safety

Back to School Safety

Do you worry about your children being victims of theft?

I’m assuming the answer is overwhelmingly yes, but maybe the thought isn’t in the forefront? I mean, of course you don’t wish theft on anyone, but maybe you, like many others think “it won’t happen to me or my family?”

With school just around the corner, I was reflecting about this on the weekend.

I myself don’t have children, but my brother and sister do. Despite their age, they’re about as tech savvy as I am with their cellphones, Bluetooth ear bubs, gaming devices and other valuables. I’m sure they bring them to school like many other children, but are parents more worried about valuables being misplaced or having them stolen?

Or are they the same thing?

When the branch manager and I go for walks after work, we pass schools for students of all ages. Children playing in the parks and running around the soccer fields, teenagers chatting with their friends and hanging out, but very noticeably are backpacks scattered everywhere.

An easy opportunity for the right person?

School in general can be a tricky and hard time, but whether you are just studying in the library, away on sports or track competitions, sitting in class with the odd bathroom breaks and recess, our valuables need to be protected.

Why spend $80 on an iPhone case to protect the $1,000 phone, if we causally leave it laying around, vulnerable?  

The good part about the HavlarGo is it’s designed lightweight, concealable and simple, perfect for people of all ages. It can be easily installed in little Johnny or Sally’s backpack, absolutely covered in stickers, glue and sparkles but their valuables will remain safe and secure on the inside.

Pikachu or Mewtwo…..? Maybe a casual Leafs or Habs sticker? A band or artist….?

Anyways, school can be busy and hectic at the best of times and in the technology age we live in, why worry about having to replace lost or stolen valuables as well?

Let us worry about your valuables, so they can focus on their studies, the classroom and just being a kid.

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More to come,