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Creating Something From Nothing

Creating Something From Nothing

It's funny how shows like Dragons' Den or Shark Tank spark the inner entrepreneurial businessperson within you. You're on the couch, hands covered in Cheetos and think to yourself, "I could do that, I could design a product, but what?".

Then, one day you get this wonderful idea of a portable safe that will help people secure their valuables and prevent theft while on the go.

Great. Now what?

I suppose you look to see if anything already exists and if the idea is even worthwhile? Or, if this is something people would buy, is there a market? 

You check your usual stores, obviously go on Amazon, but only find well selling bulky, heavy, ugly options, or ones that just scream " Hey! Steal me! : )  "

You start to get a little excited, maybe there is demand here and room for improvement? 

Okay...Now what? 

You can go on Alibaba, slap your name on a generic safe and hope for the best? But then are you really any better than everyone else? I guess lots of people are making money selling burgers, it just depends on your marketing strategy.

Realizing we weren't happy with what was on the current market, we opted for the design process. Start from scratch and reinvent the wheel, per se. 

We partnered with design firm Humanscope out of Barrie, Ontario and began to outline our vision. (Steve Copeland of Humanscope actually wrote another blog for us on new product considerations, it's a good read if you haven't checked it out already).  

But our vision was simple! Portable. Lightweight. Strong. Organized. Concealed. 

Provided with a few rendered sketches of possibilities, we opted for above. Smooth lines, gentle contours for easy handling, structurally strong and visually appealing. Done, maybe a few tweaks though? 

Step three....or four? Whichever step, was to break into the collective piggy banks and get a 3D print of the vision. Between you and me, not an inexpensive process, but it's amazing what can be created out of some sketches and finally see your vision come to life. To be able to hold it in your hands.


With the 3D printed safe complete, the next stages were sanding, painting, sanding, painting, finishing and adding those final touches. 


Now, the process wasn't actually THIS easy and had to be refined and perfected over the course of a year, but we set out to create something different and never settled for anything under expectation.   

The real heavy lifting now however, is bringing this to market.

We built it strong, durable, organized for your valuables, lightweight and concealable. Our version of a portable safe re-imagined from the bulky, ugly, heavy ones out there now and designed to go where you go; safe and undetected.

Do you like the design of the HavlarGo, or would you like to see any changes? Or do you have any other questions about our process from idea to handheld?

More to come,