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Personal Mobile Security

Personal Mobile Security

"What features does the HavlarGo have?"

This seems to be a popular question, so I thought I'd take this chance and give a proper introduction. 

It's strong. I feel like I should really reinforce that and we'll have further details how strong when we get our beta units, but think construction helmet strong. Slam on it with a hammer, attempt that 40 yard field goal, it'll withstand the beating. After all, what kind of safe would it be if it couldn't handle the punishment of people trying to get in?

Lightweight and concealable. The vision was concealed, mobile security, as people are less likely to steal what they don't see, so having it slide in and out of your backpack, beach bag, purse or gym bag was essential. Providing that added security without showing it off on display or breaking your back carrying it around. We didn't want to scream "Hey! You there! Steal me : )".

Tethering capability. People ask "it's in my backpack, great, but what's to stop someone from stealing my backpack?". The system is designed so a detachable aviation cable can be connected to the safe and allow you to secure the other end around an object/structure AND your bag when you need to put it down. The versatility of the cable can be adjusted depending on the width of the object you'd like to secure your bag to and prevents someone from just grabbing and running off. It'll be locked and secured. 

Interior organization. We have options depending on your style. The first is your standard bulk storage, that allows you to throw everything in, lock it up and away you go. The second is a more organized layout, your cell phone and wallet here, watch and jewellery there, a hidden compartment underneath for your passports. This option provides that added organization to keep everything in place and secure for when you get back. 

RFID protected. Considering everything we'll be locking up, passports, credit cards and other identification, it was important our digital data be safe. The RFID shield on the HavlarGo will ensure your personal information isn't vulnerable to fraud and digital data is protected.  

Stylish exterior. Finally, and not that it REALLY matters, but it's a sweet looking portable safe? No one wants to be carrying around a bulky, ugly, heavy safe, so we made sure the product was something people can be proud of and travel easily with -- a centerpiece designed with the irony of concealment.

Which characteristics of the HavlarGo do you like the most? Which colours would you like to see? Maybe a rose gold or camo?

Love to hear your thoughts and if you haven't signed up already, be sure to do so with the link below, or if you know someone who would like to, please share. 

We'll be emailing some pretty sweet discounts and promotions, which you definitely don't want to miss : ) 

More to come,


Dude, Where's My Stuff?

Dude, Where's My Stuff?

How often does this happen to you? 

It happens a lot, but only for a brief moment I panic before locating my wallet or cell phone in another jacket or jean pocket...

Then, there's the sigh of relief that although it wasn't where you thought it was, at least it was there? 

"Where are my car keys?", "Who moved my cell phone?", "Why is my credit card HIDING behind my Airmiles!? I didn't put it there..."

I feel like we can all relate to those brief pits in your stomach, that sunken feeling. 

More often than not you locate your belongings though, you find your wallet between the car seat and the console, remember your ID is in your other bag and save your cell phone before the ultimate laundry death.

But there are the few exceptions when you don't. Items get misplaced, lost and unfortunately stolen. 

When items have been stolen from me, it's always a super frustrating experience. As much as I'm angry and wishing karma on the thief for revenge, there's that small feeling of disappointment. I should have known better. Why did I do that? 

I suppose maybe it's because we all want to believe the best in people, have faith that people won't take what isn't theirs, but it doesn't always end up that way. 

You didn't order an Amazon delivery to MY house, why are you taking it? 

We can get reckless with our valuables but sometimes what's the alternative? We spend $80 on an iPhone case, but leave it laying around the pool when we go swimming? 

Unfortunately through this process we've seen it all and it's been a main driver behind the Havlar vision. We can evolve and better protect ourselves, we just need a convenient solution. 

Then, we built the HavlarGo on the principles of safe, secure and concealable portable security. Take it with you to enjoy your passions and live life to the fullest. Don't sweat the small things, because our goal is to ensure your valuables will be there when you get back. 

Check it out here and signup for promotional offers and discounts! 

Together we can provide a convenient and uncomplicated solution to mobile security and I look forward to continuing this journey with you : ) 

More to come, 


PS. One of our team members had their laptop stolen in a hostel in Prague. Have you had something go missing in the past that really frustrated you?

Creating Something From Nothing

Creating Something From Nothing

It's funny how shows like Dragons' Den or Shark Tank spark the inner entrepreneurial businessperson within you. You're on the couch, hands covered in Cheetos and think to yourself, "I could do that, I could design a product, but what?".

Then, one day you get this wonderful idea of a portable safe that will help people secure their valuables and prevent theft while on the go.

Great. Now what?

I suppose you look to see if anything already exists and if the idea is even worthwhile? Or, if this is something people would buy, is there a market? 

You check your usual stores, obviously go on Amazon, but only find well selling bulky, heavy, ugly options, or ones that just scream " Hey! Steal me! : )  "

You start to get a little excited, maybe there is demand here and room for improvement? 

Okay...Now what? 

You can go on Alibaba, slap your name on a generic safe and hope for the best? But then are you really any better than everyone else? I guess lots of people are making money selling burgers, it just depends on your marketing strategy.

Realizing we weren't happy with what was on the current market, we opted for the design process. Start from scratch and reinvent the wheel, per se. 

We partnered with design firm Humanscope out of Barrie, Ontario and began to outline our vision. (Steve Copeland of Humanscope actually wrote another blog for us on new product considerations, it's a good read if you haven't checked it out already).  

But our vision was simple! Portable. Lightweight. Strong. Organized. Concealed. 

Provided with a few rendered sketches of possibilities, we opted for above. Smooth lines, gentle contours for easy handling, structurally strong and visually appealing. Done, maybe a few tweaks though? 

Step three....or four? Whichever step, was to break into the collective piggy banks and get a 3D print of the vision. Between you and me, not an inexpensive process, but it's amazing what can be created out of some sketches and finally see your vision come to life. To be able to hold it in your hands.


With the 3D printed safe complete, the next stages were sanding, painting, sanding, painting, finishing and adding those final touches. 


Now, the process wasn't actually THIS easy and had to be refined and perfected over the course of a year, but we set out to create something different and never settled for anything under expectation.   

The real heavy lifting now however, is bringing this to market.

We built it strong, durable, organized for your valuables, lightweight and concealable. Our version of a portable safe re-imagined from the bulky, ugly, heavy ones out there now and designed to go where you go; safe and undetected.

Do you like the design of the HavlarGo, or would you like to see any changes? Or do you have any other questions about our process from idea to handheld?

More to come,