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HavlarGo - 420 Edition

HavlarGo - 420 Edition

HavlarGo - 420 Edition


Designed with organized safety in mind. 

Gone are the days of keeping your cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia in a random shoebox, or old tea tin, wooden box etc. Some are clever admittedly, but it's time to evolve, especially to protect the innocence of others from accidentally accessing our supply. 

Keeping the shoebox or beat up wooden box in mind, we kept design and style in the front of the process. We wanted a piece you would be proud to put on your mantle, a showpiece - a centerpiece. Like the toughest of the HavlarGo, the Havlar420 case is strong, durable, concealable and most importantly safe. 

"Highly Safe"

With a patented organizational tray, the Havlar420 system is designed to hold your strains, grinder, pipe, tools, papers, lighters, baggies in an organized and uncomplicated manner. But above all, provides a four digit programmable numerical lock to ensure curious hands don't access any forbidden fruit. 


  • 3 strain tobacco system glass jar 
  • 4 dab containers with silicone non-stick coating for holding dabs/oils
  • A removable rolling tray which doubles as a toolbox
  • A high quality zinc alloy grinder with catcher
  • A lid pocket for additional tools and papers 
  • High density foam to keep your glassware safe