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HavlarGo - Active Edition

HavlarGo - Active Edition

HavlarGo - Active Edition


Your portable safe "re-imagined".

Gone are the days of those bulky, heavy, ugly portable safes that although serve a purpose aren't convenient or user friendly on the go. Now, initially we tried redesigning the fanny pack, because who doesn't like a good fanny pack? But lets be honest, that only got us so far even though the functionality of the fanny is still desirable - per se. Thus! The HavlarGo is your evolution, with added security and organized upgrades. It's slick, sexy, secure, concealable and provides you the comfort of knowing your valuables are safe. 

Safe and Organized

We carry around an abundance of material items, most of significant value. Think about it? Your wallet, keys, cellphone, watch, jewelry, sunglasses, earbuds...the list goes on. Our safes have an organizational system designed to keep your valuables in place - right where they should be in a stress free layout. Its practical, meets the demands of your everyday possessions and above all safe. 


  • Dual tier organizational tray to separate your valuables in a stress free layout
  • Watch and jewelry holder to keep everything right where it should be, scratch free
  • Lid pocket for your documents, travelers cheques and passports
  • Four digit programmable lock to ensure you don't lock yourself out
  • Tethering chain 42" long with programmable lock for ultimate flexibility to secure to a fence post or tree
  • RFID blocking to help protect your identity