About Us

Havlar is a family-run business

Havlar is a family-run business located in the Durham Region of the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. We are a family of athletes, travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. We started Havlar after falling victim to a snatch and grab theft. 

We started doing research and looking into ways to prevent this from happening to anyone else. We were surprised to learn that nothing similar existed so we saw an opportunity to create a solution to this problem. So began our journey to change this. 

Along the way, we met some amazing people and formed some lasting friendships. 

After years of research, design and unfortunate delays (mostly COVID-19), we are finally excited to share our line of Havlar products with the world. 

We hope our products make a difference in your life and allow you to go anywhere with confidence, because with Havlar - You're Safe!