Don't make theft easy

Theft is often a crime of opportunity and the Havlar Safe provides deterrence against the snatch and grab thief.

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Why do you need the Havlar Safe Backpack?

The Havlar Safe Backpack

The security of your valuables doesn't have to be complicated. Your Havlar Safe Backpack provides you with peace of mind even when you are separated from them.

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  • Thank You!

    I can't wait for a Havlar Safe Backpack for my teenage son in competitive sports. It'll give me peace of mind knowing I can stop buying him replacement cellphones, ugh..

    -Jackie, Whitby

  • Perfect for Everyday

    Our car was broken into and valuables (GPS etc) were stolen while we were camping. This will be perfect having that extra peace of mind knowing our stuff is safe and secure. Can't wait for our Havlar Safe Backpack.

    -Erik, Pickering 

  • Discrete and Comfortable

    I love the peace of mind that Havlar provides - that aniexty of carrying around passports and wallets has dissipated.

    -Ted, Scarborough

  • Worry Free Day Out

    I can finally enjoy my time at the beach without worrying about my valuables. I know they are locked up and secure.

    -Lauren, Toronto

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Go Anywhere With Confidence

Let us worry about keeping your valuables safe, so you can live freely and dedicate more time to what really matters.