"But Mom, it was in my backpack!"

"But Mom, it was in my backpack!"

“I don’t know what happened. I put my phone in the bottom of my backpack when I was at soccer practice after school today. Everyone had their backpacks on the sideline. But we were all focused on the practice.

When the practice was over, someone had clearly been through my backpack and my phone was gone. I wasn’t the only one Mom, two of my friend’s backpacks had been unzipped and everything had been moved around – one even lost their wallet and the other also lost their phone. ”

Unattended backpacks are everywhere, easy picking for theft - a crime of opportunity. 

Think about it, we spend $80 on an iPhone case to protect the $1,000 phone, then we casually leave the phone in a backpack, easily accessible. While we think all kids especially are on their phones 24/7…there are times when the phone is in a backpack and out of their view. And what about house keys, student cards, and/or wallets? They can all be valuable to someone else.

And that’s when you need to consider an extra layer of protection. Something that can protect the phone and other valuables. Something that can easily slide into a backpack and be secured. That’s one of the many reasons we created Havlar. It’s a lightweight and secure solution that’s perfect for all ages. Whether little Johnny or Sally covers their HavlarGo in stickers and sparkles, or an older child creates some very cool artwork on it, the device itself is a deterrent for anyone thinking they’ll easily collect a few phones or other goodies today during practice when no one is watching.

The HavlarGo, sits quietly in your backpack. 8.5 x 11, it’s small enough to look like a notepad but locked and tethered to something secure, it’s not something that can easily be taken.

Peace of mind? It’s something we all want, don’t we? Knowing your child’s valuables are secure in their backpack can give you that peace of mind. What’s more expensive? Do we want to replace lost/stolen items or have a secure portable safe right in your backpack? 

More to come! 


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