The Branch Manager

Havlar – “Branch” Manager
With Havlar being such a small company and only having four employees per se (Daryl, Tom, Kyle and Marianne), our hiring process is no small feat for a “newbie” to come along and join the team. We place a lot of pressure and demand on ourselves already, to strive and be a high-performing organization so expecting anything less from a new hire just wouldn’t work. The process is rigorous, stringent, maybe even a little intense, but how can we expect anything less from a company of four? A certain level of synergy is required: we all need to gel, get along, and maintain the same work ethic to succeed.

BUT, we did it! We found the perfect candidate to fulfill the position of Branch Manager. With previous work experience running a sales office out of Toronto and glowing reviews from all references, our decision was made easy. She’s dependable, always has a positive attitude, is self-motivated AND has a legendary name like “Madonna” or “Cher”.

Introducing – Sophie, the Cane Corso!

A little history of how I (Kyle) found her:

Growing up, while living at home, I was always nervous when I had the house to myself. Actually, let me go back as nervous may be a strong word; let’s say I felt uneasy. Then, when I moved out, I knew that feeling would follow me and the solution quickly became a need for a four-legged fur child to keep me company. I wanted a dog for the obvious reasons of companionship and unconditional love, but also a dog built for protection, so I started researching large breeds.

Luckily, Daryl already had a French Mastiff named Harley and the Google search didn’t take long. I remember simply typing “mastiff dogs” and fortunately for me, it was during the same time as the Westminster Dog Show where I was introduced to the Cane Corso. Bred for temperament, strength, agility and protection, it sounded too good to be true.

After watching and reading a few YouTube videos and blogs on the breed, it was quickly narrowed down as the clubhouse winner. I found a local breeder and not long after, Sophie, the Cane Corso, was brought home: 16 pounds, 8 weeks old, she was perfect!

Fast forward 7 years which is wild to imagine as my girlie is getting old, but she has firmly secured her spot at the Havlar business meetings and it was only fair she received an official title. Despite her attendance, usually resting at our feet, she’s there meeting to meeting and when the position of “Branch Manager” opened, it seemed only fitting for our most qualified candidate to receive the appointment. It's no small task though, and she takes her job seriously. As Branch Manager, she greets all clients at the door, does her standard inspection sniff and provides the “all clear” back to the group. It does help that she’s usually rewarded with bum scratches or a quick pet behind the ears, but I imagine that’s an afterthought for her. Our safety, after all, is her first and foremost concern.

She’s quietly gassy, can be very distracting during meetings and vocal when she needs food, water or a bathroom break, but she’s there all the same slugging it out with the rest of us. She’s already an essential part of the team and embodies everything Havlar stands for: to feel safe and secure, whether at home or on the go

Please join us in welcoming Sophie to the team!

Kyle Gibson
Vice President